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Fractured Soul

Watching the light fade from your eyes is like slowly dying,  Especially knowing you don't realize I can see it happening  And wondering if you have even felt it fading, yet. Already missing the way your face softens when you look at me.  That smile that steals my breath will be next to exit.  Oh, how I will miss those stolen touches and secret glances.  I don't think my heart will ever cease racing next to you... Though, now, an edge of pain will accompany it, too.  Knowing, late at night, that I am now alone in my dreams  You will no longer linger with me there... Our adventures have ended.  My nights now will merely circle every beautiful memory we've shared... Until I awake brushing away tears.  Knowing, from the beginning, I never deserved your love, Is cold solace for my aching heart. Melancholia steals over me as I sadly tuck my soul away Into the box where it should have stayed. I wonder if I should just mail it to you,
Since it will always be yours to keep.
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Celtic Dreams

Celtic Dreams

You appear in the middle of my night
Smile beckoning and eyes twinkling.
A happy calmness pervades me,
As it always does near you.
I wonder upon the adventure
You have planned for us this time.
Just the sound of your voice and
the soft bass of your laughter
would content me for hours.
I watch your excitement
dancing through your eyes
as you endeavor to decide.
Finally, amazing smile breaking free,
You reach for my hand.
Laughing, I hold on as you tug me along...
feeling a bit like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.
I love how you've set me free once again.

Moment volé (Stolen Moment)

Moment volé (Stolen Moment)

Calmness settles upon me
amongst the tendrils of the fog.
The cool moisture beads atop my skin,
cleansing the soul within.
A lone tree stands sentinel
to guard my instance of vulnerability.
A soft greyness cocoons me
from a constantly shifting world scant inches away.
Vague forms bustle by
as I languish in my nature-made cloak of invisibility.
Quietly enjoying the reprieve
from my socially-acceptable persona.
I turn the mask slowly
and watch its bright, gold reflection dancing in the air.
Knowing, inside, my soul
mirrors the soft, gentle grey of the fog.
Reprieve at an end,
I don my gilded mask and reemerge into the world once again.

Perchance to Dream

Sunshine trickling lazily through the leaves, alighting softly upon my skin and the soft breeze sifting gleefully through my hair. Lying listlessly upon the ground, my thoughts meandering happily like a butterfly amidst the blooms. Above me, a bird crosses in flight, my mind breaks its course to ponder his thoughts... The sun drops quietly over the horizon, as the moon settles into lighting the night. I watch the first stars wink serenely into sight... the animals settling in  for a long respite. The fireflies dance lazily through the air, seemingly without a care... Peace pervades this nightly scene, as I close my eyes and drift off to dream.


Gnawing and ruminating upon my conscience. The guilt pervading my dreams. Tears saturating my face, despair purchasing my soul... The full narrative was not  visited upon my ears; full of unbearable plot twists that garner fear. Uncertainty perches upon my shoulder, grinning gleefully at my tremors. Staring cagily amongst the shadows... my eyes search vehemently for imperceptible foes. Praying zealously for the shadows to recede, and the sun to shine anew once again.

Mi Sueno

Your love is the comfort of sunshine upon my skin. Your smile, my homecoming. My heart races in awe of this masterpiece between us. Gazing into your eyes and realizing this is what love looks like. The beating of your heart the very echo of my own. Fingers lacing with mine, completing, mi dream. Knowing that when all else has fallen at our feet, we still stand strongly upon the horizon. The feeling of contentment fades, as opening my eyes, I become aware of my penchant for wistful thoughts... And a sigh escapes  amidst the tears.

Love's Twilight

The sun has set upon your love. Twilight hearkens nearer, to remove all remaining essence of emotion. Stars appear and wink coldly upon my face. The solitude of night making the loss more poignant. Staring desolately  across moonlit fields, heart torn and soul shattered upon the rocks of despair. I sit numbly, all happiness ebbing from my eyes, quietly awaiting my fate.