Softly Dreaming

The nights without you Stretch before me... Interminably long.  Replaying your words in my mind, Reliving our conversations. Aching to softly stroke your warm skin with my fingertips.  To feel your your cheek pressed Against my chest.  Wanting to look into your soft, blue eyes Full of love for me. To softly kiss those perfect lips, Feeding my addiction.  My mind keeps quietly repeating one phrase...
I love you, Mine.

Mired in Confusion

What have I done?  Was my anxiety too much? I should have kept them hidden  Far away from discovery.  Your sweet words have vanished  From sight. I have searched frantically to find you again. Watching sadly as my research returns empty. Wracked with confusion,  My soul feels so lost.  Frightened to reach for our tether Fearing I might find it gone.  A heart that was so buoyant  Now deathly silent.  Rethinking each word I said... Wondering which wrong path I took.  So many thoughts I should not  Have whispered... They circle viscously in my mind... A billboard of my brokenness.  Staring into the mirror  despondently wondering
Why can I not just be normal?

Future Paradise

Your last picture foremost in my mind, Sweet smile and eyes filled with love. Thoughts of everything I long to experience with you, Floating through my mind. Loving you to distraction and Then cherishing you beyond measure. Being your first visual as your baby blue eyes open to greet the day. Kissing those perfect lips good morning.  Wrapping my arms around your body and Breathing in your sleep-heated scent. Loving you slowly and deeply... Beneath these blankets, A shield of love Keeping the hectic world at bay. Hearts quieting to beat as one,
As we curl safely in the haven of each other’s arms.


Misting your cologne onto my naked chest, Loving the way it smells on my skin. Knowing the heat of my body Will send its scent drifting up Throughout the day... Teasing my nose... Leaving me in that state of sweetness-laced arousal Only you can cause. My pulse racing at the thought of you Softly nuzzling your face between my breasts To breathe in our mixed scents.


Cringing away from any other touch but yours. A sensation of nausea in the pit of my stomach With any contact. Fighting the urge to rub off their touch, To scrub it from my body. Longing to walk straight into your arms, To replace their repulsive touch  With the only one belonging on my skin.  Closing my eyes tightly, Counting my breaths to survive through it. My mind screaming that it’s wrong... I don’t want this. Curling into a ball after, Silently crying. Feeling violated and unclean.

Pas Le Mien

Sadly watching you from across the room,
Smiling bittersweetly as you interact with those around you.
Aching to be next to you but,
Knowing it is not my place.
You are not mine.
I must remind my possessive heart
Each time you are near..
Your body...not mine to touch.
Your lips...not mine to kiss.
Your hand...not mine to hold.
My soul chafing at these bindings.
Its love not understanding
You are out of reach.
That it is unable to be wrapped around you
At all times.
Feeding my mind a steady barrage
Of confusion and pain.
With one last longing look,
I turn and walk away.
Finding an abandoned room,
I quietly settle in amongst the shadows.
Blending in to the surrounding grey.

Destiny Bound

Light blue eyes capture mine...
My body freezes in place,
Breath halting.
Heartbeat stuttering to a faster cadence.
All thought ceases...
I await the wishes of my Master.
Body softening, as I sink slowly to my knees.
Lips parting slightly,
As I gaze adoringly into his face.
My only need looks down at me
From those eyes.
With a soft smile,
I bow my head gracefully.
My universe stands before me...
And I await my destiny.