My body is chilled without your heat, Skin crawling with the loneliness I feel. Aching to feel you wrap yourself around me. Unable to stand the presence of anyone who isn’t you... Hiding myself away in my bed.. Huddled in a lonely ball under the sheet. Needing the feel of your chest beneath my cheek Your soft kiss on my forehead... Telling me I’m safe. Feeling so frighteningly vulnerable When we are apart. The shield of your arms not here To protect me from what hurts... To quiet my mind. Your store-bought scent covering my body but,  It isn’t the same without your natural scent behind it. Burying my face in the pillow And letting the tears silently fall As I long to just sleep...
Waking only when I can hold you again in my arms.

Crystal Prison

I ache to be all that you need but, I am bound so tightly by secrecy. Watching your thoughts slow with fatigue And your frustration ever increasing. Driven to calm you but, Unable to touch what does not belong to me. Feeling myself withdraw inward, Helplessness slowly eating away at my mind. Watching the one I love Suffer needlessly  While I wait, trapped In this glass prison... With everything your heart requires to find comfort sitting uselessly within me. Looking sadly through the crystal clarity of my bars, I try futilely to channel
My warmth to your heart.

Echoes of Failure

Jerking awake, Your words echoing in my mind.. “You’re too much...I can’t do this anymore” Words I never thought to be directed my way, After a lifetime of the opposite.  My body shaking with silent tears As the remnants of the dream’s emotions ravage my mind.  Knowing it was only a dream but, A very real fear. You have created something in me I am unable to control... If I cannot reign it in to stop it from overwhelming me, How can I ever hope to protect you from being overrun? The constant need for physical touch and emotional reassurance... You may soon weary of being its sole subject of focus.  Quietly reflecting on the results... Knowing it will have no choice But to turn inward and slowly destroy me.  Undecided which is more tragic...
To never be enough or always be too much.


As I watch your form fading with distance, My heart aches with loneliness.  I long to follow you And bring you back to my side.  Needing so desperately to have you in my life... But knowing the choice is beyond my control... You are not yet mine.  My body rebelling as I turn to Take the steps that lead me opposite your path. My soul crying quietly As I bite my lip to stop from calling out your name And begging you not to leave.  Please do not leave me alone In the quiet hell the world becomes when you are gone.  After all of this time... I should be accustomed to the way the vibrant colors dim at your parting... And the sounds of the world Become muted.  As I follow my own path... The chill that always accompanies Our separation settles deeply in my chest. I will quietly wait for the darkness to pass And in the morning you, my sun,
Shall warm me again.


Slipping away into the quiet of the darkness... Soft footfalls barely disturbing the night.  Disappearing into the shadows Needing solace from the chaos of life. The world sleeps on peacefully, Oblivious to my escape.  Leaving my angel a heartfelt note... Promising my destination will soon be shared... hoping someday to feel his arms around me once again... Quietly clearing my tears and holding his shirt against my skin, I set my sights on a random location... Perhaps the ocean since it mirrors your beautiful blue eyes. My only guideline... Someplace I am not known.  Taking only a desperate need for solitude and  The future hope of love to sustain my tired soul. 
It seems I must wander again.


Your body pressed against mine,
Feeling your heat soak into my skin.
Smiling softly as I look down,
Seeing your sweet face pillowed on my chest.
Running my fingers idly through your hair...
Your breath ghosting across my breasts,
As the quiet cadence of your heartbeat
Tattoos my skin.
Quiet noises fall from your lips
And I wonder who visits your dreams.
Your arm tightening fractionally around my waist,
Pulling my body closer.
Kissing your forehead gently,
I hear you sigh as your form settles
More deeply into slumber.
Cuddling you closely...
Thinking serenely that
This is where I was always meant to be.

Idle Comfort

Daydreaming lazily... Idly caressing your skin Soft, slumberous kisses As we drift along the fringes of sleep.  Your rumbling voice talking quietly  And the softness of your chest hair tickling my cheek Threading my fingers through Yours... Feeling the capable strength of your hands... Yet knowing how gently you handle my fragile soul.. A quiet pride for the  Amazing man that you are lingers in my mind. Smiling gently up at you As your words drift off to nothing... Cuddling my sleeping angel closer. 
My own heaven on Earth.