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The constant noise of my mind Circling redundantly... Thoughts fixating on the  absence of your arms... Missing the calmness of your smile... Clinging tightly to our tether... Needing the warmth of  your soul surrounding mine. And your quiet, rumbling voice reassuring me, As the strength of your arms  enfold this cold and fragile form. Craving the feel of your lips against mine The breath of life to lungs  that require your scent. Staring longingly at the stars... Wishing, sadly, that I could spend my nights  looking upon you as they do. 

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The silence gnaws at my mind Our tether seeming distant today... Frightening my soul.  Waiting mind filled will thoughts of your voice  Feeling my broken pieces tremble in anticipation of cascading across the floor minus the comfort of your arms My world is grey and empty Without the sunshine of your smile.  Missing those sky blue eyes that bring my heart to life and  The scent of your skin at the inhale of every breath.  So many thoughts in my mind... My world feels like it is falling apart.  I just want the safety of your chest beneath my cheek
To stop the fall of tears.


Standing under the heated spray of the shower Trying vainly to soak warmth into my frozen body Wishing desperately to be in your arms Knowing they would hold my broken pieces together. Tears blending with the drops of water tracing my skin Mind whirling with loneliness and grief. Soul aching.  Picturing your soft blue eyes, Trying vainly to temper my rampant emotions.  Huddling quietly on the floor, My soul curling sadly around our tether. Knowing no rest will find us tonight...
Unable to face the dreams awaiting in the dark.

Age of Love

Turning to laugh softly at your witty adage, I meet the same soft blue eyes  I have looked into for the past three decades. They are now surrounded by laugh lines but,  I am just as hopelessly in love with the man behind them  As I was the day you took my hand. The years have passed... And our hair has greyed,  Our faces softened to timeworn wrinkles but, The same adoration shines brightly from our eyes when our gazes meet. Your touch still brings me to life.  The gruffness your voice has acquired with age, Still, after all of these years,  Comforts my soul.  Soft kisses from your lips Still erase my every thought. Your arms still remain the only true home  I have ever known.  You have always been my treasure, My ataraxis.  The very last breath I take
Will be used to whisper words of love to you.

My Angel

Eyes opening to the  filtered morning light Blinking sleepily until  my gaze focuses in on the cherished sight of you  still sleeping peacefully in front of me Soaking in the feel of your heat  As your breathing rhythmically  presses your skin against mine. Carefully pressing my face against your back, I inhale your scent. Softly laying my hand on your chest,  To feel the most precious thing  in the world to me, Your heartbeat.  I know I have awoken  just to insure this isn't a dream, And that you are really here in my arms... You, my heaven on earth, are really mine  Comforted by this knowledge,  I gently kiss your skin  and curl closer to you. 
Drifting back to sleep  holding an angel in my arms.


I am constantly awed by the  boundless depth of love my soul carries within itself, for you. Do you realize my soul never leaves your side? At night, it would wander away and sleep next to its love... I now find it missing  in the sunlit hours of day... Sitting quietly upon the floor by your side, Watching every nuance of you  with unadulterated adoration.  Being unable to bear the separation from you, Even if only a few feet. I pull it back to me,  Admonishing quietly  that you must have time to yourself without a rapt audience. The sadness of being apart from my mate  permeates me as I pull it back within me... The feeling so desolate that My eyes mist in response. I quietly let go of the bonds,  Releasing my soul to the only home it has ever known.  Happily, it tucks itself back in, Next to your feet,  Continuing its vigil of love. 

My Destiny

I miss you today so much it aches... Longing desperately for your arms And the future we have before us.  Waiting to spend my life gazing into the eyes of The person whom I was designed for... My other half, my soulmate. Waking every morning to the sound of your heartbeat beneath my ear And your soft gusts of breath drifting across my bare skin. Kissing you awake for the rest of eternity, Seeing that smile you only have for me as you drift awake from your dreams to join me for the day.  Holding you close over coffee and  spending evenings listening to your brilliant mind. Being your solace, your safe haven,  when your shoulders have borne too much.  Finishing each star-lit night loving you to exhaustion and
Listening to your sighs of relaxation  upon my chest as you drift peacefully  back to your dreams.